Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Division

About Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal

The Energy Efficiency concept means the optimal and efficient use of energy and does not mean parsimony that affects the welfare and comfort feeling. Energy is considered as the most difficult industry, the most expensive in production and construction, and distinct from the other goods that must be constantly flowing to the consumers. Energy conservation and improving energy efficiency is the key tool and mean for reducing the growing demand for energy and easing its economic burdens. It can be characterized by its easiness, speedy and lower cost in implementation compared to establishing new plants to provide energy.

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Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Services and Activities

The National Energy Research Center (NERC) through its Energy Efficiency Division has more than 20 years of experience in Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal field.

In this field, NERC provides the following:

  Perform detailed energy audits/ Energy management in buildings.

 Thermal Imaging of buildings and electrical installation for fault detection and prevention

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