Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Services and Activities

The National Energy Research Center (NERC) through its Energy Efficiency Division has more than 20 years of experience in Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal field.

In this field, NERC provides the following:

 Perform detailed energy audits/ Energy management in buildings.

 Thermal Imaging of buildings and electrical installation for fault detection and prevention

 Laboratory testing of the following appliances: 

  1. Air Conditioners
  2. Clothes Washers
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Solar Water Heaters
  5. Lighting

 Implementation of energy projects.

 Consultancy prior to new investment.

 Carry out public awareness through seminars, conferences, exhibitions, leaflets and printed material and a web page ( )

 Conduct training courses, seminars and workshops to enhance and develop local skills in the field of energy conservation.

The training courses are as follows:

  1. Tailor made training courses based on the requirements of the client
  2. Energy Conservation & Auditing in Buildings 
  3. Efficient Operation of Steam & Hot Water Boilers and its related Systems.
  4. Energy Conservation in HVAC Systems 
  5. Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems
  6. Energy Efficiency in Electrical systems including motors and lighting
Solar Thermal

The National Energy Research Center works on the development of domestic solar water heaters according to the criteria that guarantee a low cost of unit, ease of installation and maintenance and the utilization of materials normally available in the country.

NERC conducts research & development and demonstration projects, providing technical consultations in the field of solar energy. It also aims at developing the appropriate equipment and systems for application in Jordan and know-how transfer of solar energy applications.

NERC’s main field of expertise in the field of solar thermal energy extends to:

 Solar space heating and cooling.

 Heating of outdoor and indoor

 Swimming pools.

 Solar cookers.

 Drying crops

 Electric power generation by using CSP.

 Solar Desalination of sea water and brackish water.

 Water heating for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

 Heating of outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

In addition, NERC conducts studies concerning the determination of solar energy application potential in Jordan, investigation of the socioeconomic impacts of renewable energy systems in remote areas and techno-economic feasibility studies. The following topics are covered in the solar thermal training:

 SWHS Optimal Design.

 Solar component loops & connections.

 Solar System Applications: Case Study.

 Financial analysis.

 Pumping System Design.

 Vacuum Tube Collectors 

 Solar Radiation    Solar Collector Marketing.

 Collector Performance.

 Solar Software: T-Sol & TRNSYS

 Solar Cooling System.

 Errors in local Solar Collector Installation.

 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

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