In this field, NERC provides the following:

 Wind potential assessment studies

 Technical services and consultations.

 Site Evaluation and Feasibility.

 Support throughout project development

 Implement demonstration projects

 Wind Farm technical support services

 Wind data Measurements and analysis.

 Installation and maintenance of wind measurement masts and weather stations

 Wind energy know-how Transfer to relevant institutions and private companies in Jordan and the region. 

 Conduct training courses, seminars and workshops to enhance and develop local skills in the field of wind applications.

The training courses are as follows:

 Wind Turbine Technology

 Wind Applications

 Wind Energy Assessments

 Wind Farm Design & Economics

 Environmental Impact Assessment


National Energy Research Center used to be the technical arm for the government mainly Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. NERC provides technical services and consultations for public and private bodies as well as international organizations. With support from some donors, NERC also cooperate with other international organization in implementing pilot and research projects such as EU, GIZ, JICA, AFD, UNDP, GEF & USAID.


A hybrid power supply system was installed in 1987 at Jurf El- Daraweesh to provide electrical energy requirements of the village. It consists of:

 Two wind turbines type AEROMAN, each coupled to a 20 kW asynchronous generator.

 10.176 kWp PV field

 330 kWh storage battery block. 

Preparation of Wind Data Base

The National Energy Research Center (NERC) is currently conducting a wind measuring campaign in the promising sites in Jordan as a first stage based on the availability of wind measuring systems at different heights (10, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70) meter above ground level (a.g.l).

The technical team at NERC usually visit the measuring systems each 3 months; to check the systems and collect wind data. The gathered data is processed and evaluated using different software to be readable and understandable. One of the important software that are used in data analysis is Wind Rose.

Wind Rose is Greek software used to analyze the wind data and gives a lot of charts and figures which give a clear view about the wind regime in the measured area.

NERC performs feasibility studies for the proposed sites in Jordan based on the collected wind data through using global special software such as WASP and WindFarm. The WASP & Wind Farm software help in design a wind farm for the area under study, it also help in selecting suitable wind turbines and prepare preliminary layout of the wind farm which gives best power production at the end. Also such software help in studying the effects of wind projects on the surrounding area of the wind farm and the nature of the area and vice versa.  

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