Energy Labeling Laboratory 

The Energy Labeling Laboratory was established in response to the issuance of Energy Label Technical Rules and Eco-design regulations for household appliances by Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO).

The Energy Labeling Laboratory is accredited according to Jordan Association System, and adheres to Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology specifications that ensures testing of the household appliances is according to Jordanian standards.

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The Energy labeling Laboratory consists of three laboratories:

Washing Machines Lab:

The purpose of this lab is to evaluate the energy efficiency level of Washing Machines in accordance with EU-Standard EN 60456 and Jordanian Technical Regulation 2104:2013 as well as SASO, so it would WM performance characteristics that represented in energy labeling and Eco-design requirements; EEI, AEc, AWc, Rinsing performance, RMC, Spin Speed.

Air Conditioners Lab:

The purpose of this lab is to evaluate the needed parameters for energy efficiency label of air conditioners according to EUROPEAN STANDARD: EN 14511 & EN 14825, and Jordanian Technical Regulation 2108:2013 about Energy labeling of air conditioners, so it can measure the following parameters: EER, COP, SCOP, SEER.

the steady state heating or cooling capacities determined using the calorimeter method shall be determined with a maximum uncertainty of 5 %.

Refrigerating Appliances Test Lab: 

The purpose of this lab is to measure the energy consumption of refrigerating appliances under specified test condition. Through condition test according to standard (BS EN 62552) and Jordanian Technical Regulation 2101:2013, so it can measure the following parameters: Energy consumption, Testing storage temperature, Energy Efficiency Class (EEI).

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